Last year’s third prize winner – Lobby of the New Town Hall in Hanover by Raycer

I am not the world’s best photographer. Do you still want my images?

Yes please! Even if you may not be entering in the expectation of winning one of the prizes, your entry can still give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to document your local built environment and cultural heritage, and that you have made your images freely available for future generations.  That you have contributed to or even become part of a growing community that believes in making knowledge freely available to all.

I’m in the UK but I have some photographs that I have taken abroad. Can I enter them as well?

Yes if they were taken in one of the participating countries. But you will need to enter that country’s section of the competition as this section is just for images of the UK. To upload images to other sections of the contest, please visit the international upload page.

Can I enter even if I am not based in the UK?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to submit any photos you may have taken in the past, for example during a previous holiday in the UK.

I’ve got some photos that would be great for Wikipedia, but they aren’t eligible for this competition. Do you still want them?

Yes please.  This particular contest is targeted at listed buildings and monuments, but there are many other UK subjects such as nature reserves and gardens which we would welcome photographs of. You can upload them via this link.

Is there a limit on the number of photos I can submit?

No, you can submit as many as you like. Some people are taking photos of hundreds of buildings.

Can I use Photoshop or a similar program to post-process my photos before submitting them?

Yes of course. Building images can often be improved by judicious cropping, rotating, colour correction and so on. In some cases correction of converging verticals can also improve an image. But please avoid the temptation to over-process: this is a photographic and not a computer art contest.

What are the guidelines on image size?

Please submit images that are as large as possible and do not “downsize for the web”. Wikimedia Commons is a media repository that values high resolution images for many purposes including print. As a guide, images below 5 megapixels are less likely to be considered for a prize as they lack usability at larger sizes, especially in print.

I’ve taken a much better photo than the one in the Wikipedia article. Can I replace the image in the article with mine?

If yours is quite clearly much better in all respects, then yes. But if there is any doubt at all it’s polite to post a message to the article’s talkpage and say something to like “I think this photo is better than the current one. Does anyone mind if I replace the one in the article?” Add a link (using the format above) so that people can see your suggested image. Then come back a week later and make the change if no-one has objected.

Can I edit Wikipedia myself to add my photo to an article that doesn’t have images?

Yes, we’d be delighted! If you are not already a Wikipedia editor, see here to get started. Don’t forget to log in – see the very top right corner of your browser screen.

As your competition entry is already on Wikimedia Commons, it can easily be re-used on Wikipedia just by adding a link to the page in the format

[[File:NameOfYourFile.jpg|thumb|Some text to appear below the image.]]
This guide explains more.

Questions? If you have a question that is not covered by the FAQ, please ask below.

51 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Extremely disappointed at how difficult it has been to load any photos to the Wiki Loves Monuments. Actually none of your instructions made sense or worked. Had limited time so just took a few photos – glad I did not spend more time on them as it has been impossible to load any of them. Last chance to load them was this evening (not near a computer tomorrow or weekend) I will continue to take photos of Guildford but will not be attempting to load them to Wiki. Shame as I would have loved to take part in this project.

  2. Interactive map? Clicking the link to it took me to a page listing campaigns in foreign countries. Searching a place name entered below simply told me there were no entries for the campaigns. No access to an interactuve map at all.
    Clicking the link to the hitorical sites lists results in my being asked to give the name or even the number of a particular site. I expected to see a list of these monuments from which I could choose some in my area. How can I give the name of a monument when I cannot see a list of them?
    Am I just being stupid? What have I misunderstood?

    • Hi Jack, the map is behaving a bit oddly. The idea is you can put a name into ‘place’ and it will show you what’s around you. For some reason that isn’t working right now (I’ve asked a tech person to have a look).

  3. Hi we have the UK’s newest and tallest war memorial and have some amazing photos taken by both professional and amateur photographers. The memorial isn’t listed as it was only completed last October.

    How do we go about getting it included in the listings to allow entries?

    The site is the International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln LN42RF.

    • Hi Nicky, thanks for getting in touch. The competition is based on the National Heritage list, so in this case it would have to be designated as a listed building by Historic England. I suspect that will happen in due course as one of the few modern structures HE do list.

      So whilst the images can’t be included as part of WLM UK they can still be uploaded and used on Wikipedia. How does that sound?

  4. Hi

    I would like to add a photo to the page for my local church ….. but…..
    The page has been replaced by another due to a spelling mistake….

    All Saints Streetly (Walsall, West Midlands) has been replaced by the description of All Saints Steetley – which is in Witwell, Derbyshire.
    The page has an incorrect title.
    I have tried to change the page but just received an abusive comment, however page history shows…
    (cur | prev) 21:03, 13 March 2016‎ CAPTAIN RAJU (talk | contribs)‎ m . . (4,550 bytes) (-109)‎ . . (Reverted 1 edit by G7OBC identified as test/vandalism using STiki) (undo)

    The header / title is still in=correct … it should be STEETLEY not STREETLY.

    Further to this… where is the original page for All Saints Streetly to which I wished to add my carefully crafted monument photo …….

    Can a very clever person edit the title of the page

    • Hi Richard. I’m afraid that Jersey isn’t included in this year’s competition because of the separate listing scheme. It would be great to include it for future competitions (same with the Isle of Man). The first step would be getting the dataset of listed buildings under a Wikipedia compatible licence. Would you happen to have contacts with the relevant heritage body?

  5. Hi,
    can people in the Isle of Man enter in this UK competition? We aren’t technically part of the United Kingdom (we’ve been Irish, Norwegian and Scottish in the past) but we’re a ‘British Crown Dependency’ – basically the crown bought us in 1765, but we’ve never been part of the UK, but I’d guess there’s no separate monuments competition for us!

    • Hi Boakes. We don’t have the details of the heritage sites on the Isle of Man in Wikipedia this year, which means we don’t have the infrastructure to include it in the competition. Sorry for the disappointing news, but this might be something we can improve on for future competitions.

      If you have photos of buildings in the UK you can upload those too. You can still include your photos of Manx buildings to Wikimedia Commons, but it wouldn’t be part of the competition. That way they are still available for use on Wikipedia and for all the readers to share in Manx heritage.

  6. I’m on the Isle of Man, which doesn’t appear on the UK or international versions, despite the fact that there are several World Class (& listed) monuments here.

    How do I enter please?

    • Hi Boakes. We don’t have the details of the heritage sites on the Isle of Man in Wikipedia this year, which means we don’t have the infrastructure to include it in the competition. Sorry for the disappointing news, but this might be something we can improve on for future competitions.

      You can still upload your photos of Manx buildings to Wikimedia Commons. That way they are still available for use on Wikipedia and for all the readers to share in Manx heritage.

  7. I can’t find the monument I photographed on the interactive map, but it does come up on a Wikimedia search … it is the Dover Patrol Memorial in Kent. Is this not eligible then?

  8. I notice that there is a special prize for “Buildings at Risk”. I have just uploaded a few photos of one of these. I saw that the map based upload tool had added the listed building number, but no at risk number.
    Do I need to do anything special when I upload a photo of a building at risk?

    • There’s nothing special you need to do as we’ll be cross- checking entries against those registers, but it would not hurt to add a note to the description on Commons stating that the building is on the ‘at risk’ register.

  9. When I try to upload an image via the map, I’m getting this error: There is another file already on the site with the same content.

    I’ve uploaded this image via the WIki Commons earlier. Am I not allowed to upload the same for the contest?

      • I’ve had the same problem so I asked someone on the Wikipedia Commons Help desk and this was their reply 🙁 I’ve added my question too so there can be no ambiguity about interpretation)

        Hi I would like to know whether it’s possible to enter a photo into the monuments contest that I’ve already added to an article on Wikipedia. First of all I’m not sure whether this is allowed and if it is I would like to know how to do this? I’m an absolute newbie so I’m a bit stuck and can’t seem to make it work. Or should I just upload the same photo again with a different file name or something like that? Thanks!Joyen69 (talk)

        If you uploaded the photo during September 2014, it is eligible for the contest. You just will need to add a WLM template to the file. If it was uploaded earlier, it is not eligible. In any case, do not upload the same photo for the second time.–Ymblanter (talk) 14:28, 22 September 2014 (UTC)
        I was about to “add a WLM template ” as advised by your colleague but I’m at a loss now what to do. I really want to enter this photo ;can I enter it if I delete it from the Wikipedia page I’ve added it to?

        • Hi Jo – First of all, welcome to the contest!

          You’re not allowed to re-upload, but if your image was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for the first time sometime this month, then it is indeed eligible even if you did not upload it via the competition wizard. There’s no need to touch anything on Wikipedia, and as my colleague said all that’s needed is for someone to add a WLM template. As a newbie that probably won’t be straightforward for you, and if you could just let me know the name of the file as you uploaded it either I or one of our other volunteers can do that for you.

          • Oh wow! That’s great news! If someone could take care of that it would be amazing. The file was uploaded on September 1st so should be eligible. The name of the file is :

            Shepherds Bothy on Eigg.jpg

            Would that be sufficient information or do you need a link to the image-page too?
            Thanks for your help!

  10. This exercise is ridiculous! I have uploaded many pictures very easily onto the French site, but this British site is impossible. I have some splendid photographs of the prehistoric tombs of Northern Ireland – but I would have to have GPS references or some bureaucratic number even to upload them! I used old 1″ maps, latterly the 1:50,000 with grid references. Then there’s the problem of titles…

    Ballynoe stone circle is a world-class megalithic monument comparable with Castlerigg in Cumbria – but it doesn’t exist for wikilovesmonuments. Yet I have uploaded pictures of fairly humble and obscure French megalithic tombs (monuments classés bien sûr) with no problem at all – which goes to show that this International Competition is ridiculous, because some countries (notably both parts of Ireland) offer so little scope.

  11. I have registered for a Wikimedia Commons account & uploaded two photos. Is it possible to select these photos on the interactive map for the contest? Currently, when I go via the interactive map uploader, I’m asked to upload new photos & I’m not able to select the photos I already uploaded.

  12. I’ve just uploaded a photo via the Wizard, and it says thanks for entering the Wiki loves Monuments 2013 – you have missed the end date. The photo was indeed taken in 2013 but the guidance says it could have been taken at any previous time…?

  13. I take hundreds and hundreds of photos of many old interesting buildings monuments and historical sites in both Britain and abroad which
    I would love to enter and contribute. However the process to enter them is so convoluted and involved as to make it an extremely time consuming and frustrating matter. So much so as to be counter productive. A shame it should be so much simpler and easier.

  14. I’d like to enter the competition ‘wiki loves monuments’ and wish to take photos inside of the Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey 9Listed Building Grade 1). However, using your search engine here (http://tools.wmflabs.org/wlmuk/), I could not get any results for the Lady Chapel or Westminster Abbey. Does this mean the building is not to be considered as part of the competition? Or does it mean we are no authorized to take photos inside? looking forwards to your response.

    • As the Lady Chapel is part of Westminster Abbey it doesn’t appear separately on the search engine. But it can still be entered as the Abbey itself is a Grade I listed building.

      If you enter ‘Westminster Abbey’ in the “search names” box, you should get six results. The one to use for Westminster Abbey and the Lady Chapel is called “Westminster Abbey (the Collegiate Church Of St Peter)”..

      I hope that helps, please let us know how it went. And good luck with the competition!

  15. I like adding images to the lists for Grade 1 and grade II* buildings, rather than using the new map and list format, because I can see which buildings don’t already have an image and I can concentrate on filling in the gaps. Would it be possible to have a list for the Grade II listed buildings? I note that at the moment there is no Wikipedia page for Grade II listed in London (at least I can’t find one).
    Since this year’s competition allows Grade II to be included it would be easier to keep track and be more rewarding if images appeared in a list (as they already do when I upload an image for the gaps in the Grade I or II*).

    • There aren’t comprehensive lists on Wikipedia of the Grade II buildings essentially because there are so many of them (around half a million!), most of which are not and never will be notable.

      Wikipedia lists are also very problematic as they get long; there is a practical MediaWiki limitation of (if my memory serves) only 137 templates per page, which mean that long lists have to be subdivided in some way. Some of the grade II* lists are subdivided alphabetically, but that is not very helpful to readers wanting to browse through to find a particular building.

      It would in principle be possible to do specific focused lists, but at the moment we don’t have the Wikimedia volunteers to do that.

  16. I’m getting a “servers are currently experiencing too much monuments love” error message when I try to use last year’s Android app for Wiki Loves Monuments. Since you aren’t mentioning the app at all this year, is it no longer being supported?

    • Sorry, we’ve not been able to support that old app this year. The interactive map will work on a mobile device, but you’ll have to select ‘show as desktop’ rather than ‘mobile’ when viewing the website.

  17. The interactive map doesn’t work on my browser here. I prefered the lists by borough we had last year as I could print it off and take it with me. The search form requires a lot more work as I don’t know my co-ordinates!

    • Assuming the map is working for you, you don’t need to know any co-ordinates. Just type in the name of your town, village or area to get a list of all relevant sites. County names will work as well, but I’m not sure about boroughs as the listing organisations categorize their entries by somewhat out of date areas that don’t always align with modern local government areas.

      If you prefer, you can stiil look at the lists that were set up last year on Wikipedia (for England, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listed_buildings_in_England). Wikipedia will give the official listing number of each site and you can use that to upload ‘manually’ as described at section 5b of the ‘How to Enter’ tab.

      If there’s a technical problem with the map, could you please advise which browser you are using and we will look into it.

  18. Can I manually add images I have uploaded to the competition? I tend to mass-transfer my photos from flickr, and being able to upload all of them at once and then sort out the mess later would be helpful.

    You can contact me at [[User talk:Mattbuck]] on Commons.

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