Manual uploading (experts only)

If you’re already experienced with uploading images to Wikimedia Commons, you can if you wish upload manually, avoiding the map.

Uploading via the WLM wizard

First, find the official listing number for your building. Then, click on one of these links to go to the relevant upload wizard:

You may need to log in using the id and password you set up in step 1. To make your image more usable for others, please type in a suitable title, overwriting the default name generated by the camera. Finally, add a description.

Bulk uploading

You can use other upload tools if you if you wish to do a bulk submission of images with known listing numbers, but please make sure you add {{Wiki Loves Monuments 2018|gb-eng}} (or gb-sct, gb-wls or gb-nir as appropriate) to each file page. Put your images into the Commons category WLM-UK 2018 unfiltered 09-xx where xx is the upload day of the month.